Optional CAB can be positioned where you wish. Slide it in place! Comes completely assembled without paint. $50.




Optional  HEADLIGHT available.  On/off switch on controller with variable intensity.

$25 if ordered as part of Shifter Kit.


Optional F7 A Shell comes completely assembled and primed.  Fits on the Standard Shifter frame.  $400


Example of detailed construction of MR Motion shells.

F7 A - F7 B configurations are possible.


Optional FLAT CAR shown below, six feet in length from coupler to coupler. It has a full
backbone and crosswebs are positioned appropriately for pedestals or seat.
Comes with working couplers at both ends. $800.



The beautiful woodgrain deck is delivered without stain. The grooves in the deck give it a prototypical appearance. Ball Bearing Style Double Sealed.
Dynamic Radial Load Capacity lbs.600 per Bearing.
The truck assembly has incredible flexibility
which contributes to positive stability.


Optional  "engineers" car
This car was designed for comfort and is a space saver when being hauled.
It is constructed as two separate pieces. Comes with working couplers at both ends.











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